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  • Time Period Covered

    1850 - 1950

  • Types Of Missions

    Exploration, Scientific Research

  • Active Regions

    Arctic, Worldwide


The US logbooks on Old Weather were photographed as part of a NOAA / National Archives joint imaging project from Record Groups 23, 24, and 26. The logbooks are from United States Ships and Stations 1801-1946, US Revenue Cutter, and US Coast Guard Vessels 1820-1941, as well as US Coast and Geodetic Survey Vessels from the late 19th century. Preservation and conservation work for materials being imaged is done by National Archives staff with a focus on preserving the records in their original format. This project is supported by the North Pacific Research Board (NPRB), the NOAA Arctic Research Program, and by in-kind and volunteer contributions from many others. Selected vessels already available on microfilm were digitized by the NOAA Climate Data Modernization Program (CDMP) through a grant to the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries.

Video by Nancy Soreide of NOAA. This video portrays the essence of the Old Weather project from start to finish. With the help of citizen scientists and all partners involved, Old Weather is providing access to heritage data resources for climate and ecosystem research.